The Benefits of Fresh Real Milk


There is a lot to be said about milk, It has long been a staple of our diets around the world and is really a food that has stood the test of time. Only recently has Milk been pasteurised before then it was used to nourish populations on a daily basis, not to mention Milk is the base upon which we have yoghurt and cheese.

Hippocrates, Pilany, Varro, Marcellus and Empiricus the leading physicians of their day all used raw milk in their treatment of diseases. Even today in Germany successful raw milk therapy is provided in many hospitals to cure and treat disease. The only difference is that todays milk is normally pasteurised or homogenised milk and getting Real Raw Milk is getting harder and harder.

Real Milk is not Pasteurised – This process destroys enzymes, denatures the anti-microbial properties and immune stimulating components, destroys the fragile milk protein, kills the beneficial bacteria and kills off all the vitamins and minerals.  Basically it turns a beautiful complete food into something nearly useless, the only thing that can withstand the heat processing is the fat content of the milk. Considering many people drink skimmed milk that leaves them with a pretty useless cup of milk.

Nutritional Values of Raw Milk

  • Enzymes, catalase, peroxidase and phosphatase are present.
    1. Phosphates is needed to split and assimilate the mineral salts in foods that are in the form of phytates.
    2. Wulzen Factor (anti-stiffness) available.
    3. X Factor (now believed to be vitamin K2) in tissue repair available.
  • Protein–100% metabolically available; all 22 amino acids, including the 8 that are essential for the complete metabolism and function of protein.
  • Vitamins–all 100% available
  1. Vitamin A–fat soluble
  2. Vitamin D–fat soluble
  3. Vitamin E–fat soluble
  4. Vitamin K–fat soluble
  5. Vitamin B–Complex:
    Vitamin Bw–Biotin
    Vitamin B –Choline
    Vitamin Bc –Folic Acid
    Vitamin B1 –Thiamine
    Vitamin B2 –Inositol
    Vitamin B2 –Nicotinic Acid
    Vitamin B2 –Riboflavin
    Vitamin B2 –Pantothenic Acid
    Vitamin B3 –Niacin
    Vitamin B6 –Pyridoxine
    Vitamin B12–Cyanocobalamin
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Antineuritic vitamin
  • Minerals–all 100% metabolically available.
  • Carbohydrates–easily utilized in metabolism. Still associated naturally with elements (instable).
  • Fats–all 18 fatty acids metabolically available, both saturated and unsaturated.

How Does Milk Benefit Us – Well firstly and most importantly milk is one of the most easily assimilated foods on earth, this is thanks to it being pre-digested and therefore allowing it to be absorbed even by the weakest of bodies.

Milk is one of the most easily digested and assimilated foods, containing ample amounts of substances required for the growth of tissues and organs and the repair of worn-out cells.

It is a perfect food and totally complete, we can literally live from milk as we all once did while growing up.

  • Milk is full of nourishing proteins
  • Has digestive enzymes to help heal your gut and assimilate nutrients
  • Full of CLA (Powerful Anti-Oxidant)
  • Pre-Digested so easy to absorb
  • The Best Post Workout Drink

I am not recommending we go crazy on Raw Milk but I do think many of us (even those with a lactose intolerance) would benefit from at least trying a glass of real milk a few times a week. I myself have noticed increased vitality and energy as well improved gut health since starting to drink real milk regularly. So checkout your local farmers market this weekend and have a lookout for raw unpasteurised milk.

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