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The Minimalists Workout


The Minimalists Workout

Some people manage to stay naturally fit and healthy. They look radiant. They have no problem maintaining a stable and desirable body weight, yet they seem to do little in terms of working out or paying attention to their health and fitness.

Or so it seems…

How Do They Do It?

These people don’t need to train in a gym every day or stay dialed in to a perfect diet. Why? Because they naturally follow these rules:

If you’re doing all of this daily or can make at least 80% of it part of your life, then how often do you really need to go to the gym or work out? Not much. If you want to stay in optimal shape and gain muscle,  2 times per week is plenty. If you want to maintain shape or achieve a lean and athletic body composition, once per week will be just fine.

2 Day Muscle Building

This a simple split of pushing and pulling. It works well to build volume without requiring too much time in the gym.

Day 1 Push – This day will be 3 sets of 8-12 reps of compound pushing exercises.

Day 2 Pull – This day will be 3 sets of 8-12 reps of compound pulling exercises.

1 Day Athletic Training

A simple full body split, for those of you who simply want a bit of extra muscle, improved performance in sports, and a better body composition. It’s made up of compound exercises, which will work your entire body without the need for isolation movements.

With all of these exercises, keep the momentum up, but take a short rest (45-90 seconds) between sets, then move onto the next exercise.

That’s It! Keep healthy with fundamentals outside of the gym, and use workouts as a tool for increased performance, body composition and athleticism!

Thanks again!

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