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Renegade Bodybuilder Secrets from The Golden Era, Part I


Robby Robinson is what I call a Renegade Underground Bodybuilder.

His favorite upper body workouts were endless supersets of the bench press and pull ups / chins ups.

His favorite lower body workouts were endless supersets of front squats and RDLs (Romanian Deadlifts).

He also loved barbell power cleans, dips, cheat curls and sprints in the sand of Venice Beach, aka Muscle Beach.

Some of my best workouts came when I stopped going to the gym and set up shop in my Dad’s freezing cold garage.

It was just me, a 300 lb barbell, a pair of 50 and 100 lb dumbbells, a flat bench, dip bar and the sound of hard rock n’ roll music.

It just might be time for you to get rid of your gym membership and get back to the good ol’ basics of barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight training.

It worked for the Renegade Bodybuilders of The Golden Era, it can work for you too!

I have found free weights very easy to come by for dirt cheap through garage sales, classified ads, craigs list and e bay.

One you get the free weight basics down, you can make yourself a sandbag, collect a few river stones and create the ultimate Underground type gym in your own neck of the woods.

The combination of training like a Renegade Bodybuilder and the use of odd objects will be a deadly combination.

Your muscles will explode into new growth and your strength will be unheard of.

I wouldn’t want to run into you walking down a dark alley after 6 months of training like this.

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