Effects of Exercise on The Mind


The human body is an amazing thing. Built into it is everything that is needed to be able to cope with life on this planet, as well as having ingenious means to create a stabilizing effect when things are less than ideal. One of the most amazing things that science has focused on recently, is just how our bodies effect our minds. This article will focus on some of those things that have been learned, and will show that exercise crosses over the line and definitely effects our mental well being, too.

It Counteracts Against The Effects Of Stress

Stress has become probably the greatest medical problem of our day. It is believed that as much as 90% of all doctors’ visits are related to this malady having its way on the bodies of those subjected to it. If this were the only effect that exercise can bring is to help relieve stress, then it would be more than enough reason to adopt a life-style of getting in shape and exercising properly. Exercise relieves stress by providing a way to release tension and enable the body to enter into a healthier state of relaxation – when the exercise is sufficient enough.

Increases Motivation, Happiness, And Vitality

It has been known for millennia that exercise has the ability to bring about a greater mental state. Only recently, though, have we known some of the reasons. One reason is psychological. It provides a diversion, possibly an opportunity to interact socially, and a sense of self-mastery.

Other reasons are biochemical. A good workout causes the body to produce chemicals that have a direct effect on the brain. These endorphins are natural mood enhancers, and cause you to have a good feeling. In fact, this is enough of a boost to your overall happiness, that people who have trouble with depression are prescribed regular exercise (among other things) as a means to help them to cope with it. Other chemicals that are increased as a result of exercise, called neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, serotonin, or dopamine), also have a direct effect on the way you feel in general. A good workout will provide enough of a joy boost in the brain to last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

It Provides A Better Sense Of Well-being

In a recent survey of exercise enthusiasts, it was shown that they said that they felt better about themselves after they had kept up with a regular program of exercise. Many said that they just did not feel right unless they had a good work out. It gave them a sense of feeling more relaxed and satisfied with themselves when they had kept up with their weekly exercise routine.

It Effects The Overall Health Of The Body

Although it may almost seem like a contradiction, yet our fast-paced world has turned out
a lot of couch potatoes. Sitting around can create a lack of sufficient oxygen, which, in turn, can effect the heart. This, in turn, can effect the liver and other organs, etc. A good dose of exercise can revitalize the organs, and often bring about a restoration of health – and good health makes itself known to the mind! Many people, after suffering health problems, and getting prescribed exercise, often find a restoration of the life that they had thought they lost! The excitement of living is often restored, too.

Overall, the human body is wonderfully complex. Yet, it is also designed to work. So much, so, in fact, that it often does not feel just right, when it is not operating in an optimal capacity – and this can only be achieved by a healthy amount of exercise, at least three times a week.

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