8 Great Foods You Are Probably Missing


Sometimes we just turn a blind eye to some great produce. Not because we don’t like them just because we are in the habit of buying the same groceries week after week and it becomes routine. Time for that to change and for you to start trying out some of these healthy often overlooked products….

1- Beets I love these for their versatility. Superb in salad or with some goats cheese, or nice to snack on. They pack a real anti-oxidant boost and are rich in Folate. Try to eat them raw or cook lightly to keep the nutrients in-tacked.

2- Canned Pumpkin While anything canned should not be a staple, these are great to keep around the house. Add some butter and cinnamon plus a scoop of whey protein and you have a tasty high fiber snack. The stuff is low in calories and full of Vitamin A in the form of Beta-Carotene which is very healing for the spleen and helps with circulation. Pumpkin and other root vegetables are known as a “Chi” restoring food,

3- Sardines Both tinned and fresh. These are great, packed with protein, calcium and Omega 3’s plus cheap and easy to prepare. I always keep a batch of tinned ones in my pantry and try to eat them fresh when they are in season.

4- Frozen Berries Recently I have been keeping a pack of frozen blueberries around. They are cheap and pack a high ORAC score (total anti-oxidant count) plus they are packed with fiber and phytonutrients. Great to throw over some hot porridge or in some good organic yoghurt or cottage cheese.

5- Fresh Mint We often overlook fresh herbs and Mint is a favorite. Great to brew a herbal tea after dinner to aid digestion. Simply hand-wash a bunch and pour boiling water over, leave to steep for 5+ minutes. I also like chopping up a big bunch and throwing it in a salad, Makes for a refreshing twist.

6- Salsa People normally go for Ketchup (which is packed with sugar) when trying to add a zing to their food. Salsa is the ultimate healthy alternative. It is normally packed with vegetables, spices and lemon which makes for a much more beneficial side to your chicken or burger. Try and find a brand that is low in sugar and uses natural salt. These will normally cost a bit more but its worth it….

7- Coconut Flakes Most health food stores carry these and they are a real jem. Packed with good fats and anti-bacterial properties, coconut is truly a superfood. Make sure you find a variety which has no added sugar and feel free to throw them over pretty much anything from breakfast to curries. Or just grab a handful as a hunger killing snack.

8- Tomato Passata A good organic Tomato passata is something we should all keep in the pantry. It can make home cooking so simple and pack loads of flavor plus lycopene, which is one of the most potent anti-oxidants about. This great post at Everyday Paleo shows exactly what I am talking about…

Hope you got some ideas for your next shop, plus don’t forget #9 in the picture Carrots always keep them handy….

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