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How Goldilocks learned to love the burn

P1050894-246x300In the interests of simplicity and sustainability there is a model you can use to get and keep your practice consistent. We could get technical. We could “undulate” and “wave”. We could prioritise, periodize, focus on mass, endurance, power, fat loss. Or we could simply get consistent with a general routine that will let us intelligently focus on specifics once a base line of fitness is established.

It goes like this…

Choose a selection of whole body moves. No isolation. You have 600 hundred muscles. Believe me, it’s easier to train the body as the integrated creature it is. Your are much more than the sum of the parts. Isolation is useful when you have a formidable base to build from or a particular weakness to address.

We push, we pull, we squat, we bend, we lunge, we twist. Everything you do in terms of building a foundation should reflect the natural requirements of our daily lives.

Each session should address two or more of these movements. Pull ups work well with squats. Push ups with lunges. Train two movements back to back and you have yourself a workout.

Start with the biggest move first. If you are not sure which is which, start with the one you like least!

Now, back to Goldilocks. Simply put together three workouts over the week. You will perform these with a day or two rest in between.

The first workout of the week will be easy. Cold porridge. This session is all technique. Pure focus on perfect movement. An ego less session dedicated to hard wiring superior form. This session should leave you feeling like you can keep going, easily.

The second session is hard. Grisly bear hard. Scalding. You will push yourself. Even if you just work two moves back to back, it will be tough. You are in the driving seat. You know it’s hard. You know that whining lizard brain will try and get you to quit before the body has had enough. You will abide. You only train at this intensity once a week, so make it count. This session should leave you happy to put the weight down and get horizontal. Look for a bed that’s “just right”.

The third session is about finding the sweet spot. Here you use a challenging weight/rep count but you keep gas in the tank. As soon as form breaks, stop. Catch your breath and go again. Leave a couple of reps on the table. Thirty minutes after this session you could go again. You might not want to but you could.

Goldilocks might seem really simple. That’s because it is. I previously wrote  about 100 Reps . Do those on the days inbetween.

By Adding Goldilocks to the Simple Strenth 100 Reps scheme you are starting to create a sustainable, scalable routine that will keep you improving for months to come.  Once that baseline of fitness and superior movement is established, then you can start considering how to mix things up. Chances are it wont even be necessary. Your ability to self regulate your training will produce consistent gains, some small, some substantial but all of them earned.

Three Sessions a week – Easy – Hard – Optimal

Whole Body Moves – Push, Pull, Lunge, Bend, Squat, Twist

100 Reps on the Days In Between


And remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to sweat…

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