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Advance Ab Training

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I know some people are going to look at these exercises and try to do them even though they can’t hold a good plank for 30 seconds, mistake! It does say advanced so if you do a 100 crunches a day you definitely don’t fall into the advanced category.

Some of the exercises are specificand I will use them with different athletes (ex. rope chin up position leg raises will be used with some MMA fighters, as will the KB rotations). The Turkish Get Up can be used by most people even though I would choose to load it differently depending on the level of the athlete. We will start with just the bodyweight movement and then go change it up with KB’s, sandbags, barbells, DB’s.

Watch out for the splinters in the rope! Nylon works better believe me… 

Sandbag Turkish Get Up


This will also give you tough forearms from the beating! 

KB helicopters

The last one is really me trying some things out that I had learned from Steve Cotter and it really is one of the toughest resisting rotation exercises you can do for the trunk. Definitely wouldn’t use it with the majority of people but would modify it and stay stationary and do it with a tornado medicine ball.

Sometimes I will experiment a little on my recovery days…….or maybe its just because its late night and I’m going nuts!

Do you think you have a strong trunk?

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