About Nate Green

Hi, I’m Nate.

I share strategies, stories and ideas to help you take control of your day, build a body you’re proud of, and focus on the important stuff — even if you’re busy as hell.

That could mean:

Here’s the bottom line:

No matter where you’re at in life right now, I believe you can get your shit together, get in great shape (despite a busy schedule), do work you’re proud of, and start living life onyour terms.

I aim to help you do all that and more — while sharing struggles and successes from my life, the lives of my thousands of readers, and the lives of a variety of experts across multiple fields.

4 Ways to Dominate the First Hour

Get energized, get happy, and get things done the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning I hit the snooze button on my alarm twice, ate a late breakfast, drank too much coffee, and didn’t change out of my Under Armour sweat pants till 11 a.m. […]

What Makes You a Man?

Hint: It takes more than a pair of balls.

We’re two drinks deep and sitting in a college bar that looks exactly what a college bar is supposed to look like: metal stools with black upholstered tops […]