About John Cortese


That guy to the left on the gymnastic rings– that’s me, John Cortese. Do you typically see exercises like this  being done in your gym on a regular basis? Probably not, but I’ll get to that later.

Some interesting facts you might like to know about me:

    • I’m a certified Youth Fitness Specialist through the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association), one of the PREMIER organizations built upon maximizing youth athletic development and fitness for a fun and healthier lifestyle from ages 6-18.
    • I’ve worked with athletes and clients of all types and ages, ranging from 12-55, in sports ranging from football, track and field, volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball- basically any sport that would require more SPEED, STRENGTH, AND EXPLOSIVE POWER to excel among your peers; and with all types of hardcore strength and fitness enthusiasts ranging from doctors to electricians, pilots to CEO’s, and financial advisors to name a few!
    • I was a former football/track and field athlete (I played wide receiver and ran the sprints/relays in high school at Vintage High in Napa, CA and also at Santa Rosa JC in Santa Rosa, CA- one of the top JC football programs in the country), so you can trust that I’ve been there in regards to training for maximal strength, speed, and power! I have Personal Bests of 49.8 seconds over 400 meters, 22.5 seconds over 200 meters, 4.47 seconds 40 yard dash, as well as a 9′ 7″ standing long jump and 33″ vertical jump– not bad for a 5′ 10″ 185 pounder right?
  • I’m currently a Senior undergraduate student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. I will receive my BS in Kinesiology in June, 2010 (pretty soon!)*

Now, enough about ME. Let’s talk about what I mentioned above in the first few lines.

How common is it to see exercises being done that are either a) HARD, b) HEAVY, c) elicit some sort of RESULTS, or d) just plain out GRUELING ?!
Answer: Not very often! And I’ll tell you why very briefly:

Most people hate getting out of their comfort zones. It can be scary to try something you’ve never ever done before. Add that to lack of know-how and proper knowledge on HOW to train PROPERLY for maximal RESULTS, and you get a recipe that gets most people spinning their wheels -OR- as I like to call it, going nowhere fast, in their quest to get faster, add some muscle, get shredded, etc, etc etc.

So, then, you might be wondering “Well John, I totally agree with you– What is the solution?!”
I feel your pain, believe me. It’s not your fault. We are constantly being bombarded with misinformation about exercise and nutrition that it makes me want to scream, pull my hair out, vomit.. you get the idea. So, I made this website to diminish all the misconceptions, lies, and myths that you’ve been told for years and years.
More than likely you’ve been lied to– hey, they may not have known right from wrong. But you’ll come to find out very quickly that I’m here to help YOU.

I post on a regular basis, including audio interviews, videos, links to other great resources, recommendations. I give you the FACTS and I don’t like to steer you in the wrong direction.

It is my purpose to help you achieve all of your goals with methods that are actually proven in the REAL WORLD to WORK,  free of gimmicks, fluff, and bull shit.

If you like this style of training and communication, then you and I are on the same page my friend.

Here’s to maximizing your Performance,

Your Friend/Coach,
John Cortese YFS