About Andrew Heffernan

I’ve been a professional trainer since 2003 and since then have helped people from diverse backgrounds achieve their fitness goals.

From corporate types to schoolteachers to luminaries in the entertainment industry, I’ve helped clients lose weight, bulk up, and feel their best in record time.

Finally—and I think, most importantly—I’ve helped to reshape how people feel about, and think about their bodies, so they feel great 24-7.

Nationally Recognized Expert: 

In the last few years, I’ve become a go-to resource for some of the top fitness publications in the country.

I’ve written dozens of articles for national magazines, including Men’s Health, Experience Life (where I am a contributing editor), and T-Nation.com.

I have also co-written two books on fitness:

 The Exercise Cure (Rodale) and

Your New Prime (HarperWave).

 In 2012 I presented a lecture on the Feldenkrais Method® at the IDEA Fitness Summit in San Diego