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Unconventional Bodyweight Exercises

Ed Yourdon

Recently I came across two great videos with a variety of Bodyweight exercises that I had never seen before. To carry on from my recent posts on minimal fitness and frugal fitness, these fit in perfectly.

This post was inspired by checking out some exercise videos on YouTube really making me realise how efficient and versatile our own body weight and movements can be in providing a great workout. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. Have a look…..

Some of these are really simple and effective, and best of all require no equipment.

This is the key when doing bodyweight workouts at home or in the gym, you want to get the pulse up as soon as you can and get into a flow of working out otherwise it can be hard to find the motivation to workout. It comes down to a few things:

Once you get these things nailed simply set a time to workout 10-12 minutes works for me. I say to myself I am going to go hard for these 10 minutes, set the stop watch and go. This requires very little motivation and guarentees a good workout with purpose. I suggest you try picking 3-5 Bodyweight exercises and do them each until failure for a total of 10 minutes. Regardless of your fitness level this will work (take breaks as needed, but not too long).

The beauty of this way of working out is that it not only works for building muscle but it has a metabolic impact which forces your body to burn fat throughout the day. You can squeeze in these workouts whenever you want with minimal preparation, and they can be as simple or complex as you please the choice of exercises is yours….

Instead of doing curls do chin-ups

Stop doing tricep extensions and do pushups and dips

Forget Leg Extensions and Squat

Well you get the idea. Bodyweight Compounds are far more effective in every aspect especially when it comes to no equipment workouts. So try out some new Bodyweight exercises and build a plan on them…

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