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Can An Apple A Day Keep Arthritis Away?

updating imageNo matter how you slice it, osteoarthritis is a pain. Osteoarthritis (OA), which most of us think of as “arthritis,” is very common. It affects upwards of 20 million Americans. From moms, to retirees, to students, to business people, to athletes…arthritis does not discriminate. Virtually anyone could be at risk.

In the general population, an unbelievable 2% to 6% of all people are affected by OA. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. These figures refer only to people with officially diagnosed OA.

Tens of millions more Americans have OA. They feel its pain daily and they hate the limitations it places on them. Yet these people, young and old, aren’t counted because they haven’t received an official OA diagnosis from a doctor.

Not a Pretty Picture

OA is characterized by progressive loss of cartilage, pain, and, in advanced stages, joint deformity. OA hits the knees, hips, and spine, among other joints. It’s not a pretty picture. Anyone who enjoys being active, from the recreational runner, to the mom chasing her toddler, to the hard-hitting, intense athlete, may be at higher-than-average risk of developing OA.

Joint injury, knee bending, heavy lifting, and participation in high-impact recreational activities all may up the odds of later developing OA.

Unfortunately, when we are young and feel invincible, arthritis is the last thing on our minds. But it is at precisely these early stages that we may be able to head off and limit the damage that leads to future OA.

New Research: AppleBoost Improves Joint Health

There are a number of things I recommend for joint health starting with omega-3 fatty acids. And of course glucosamine and chondrotrin.  I’m also very excited about the new research on shea nut extract which I’ll be telling you more about later this year. But what I’m really happy to report right now is the results of a new pilot study showing that extracts of apples can make a huge difference in improving joint health and improving the lives of people affected by arthritis.

AppleBoost Products, Inc. is a company that is invested in making a difference. We’re so invested, in fact, that we are funding and conducting independent studies, at a well-respected laboratory and research facility. Our goal? To prove that AppleBoost powder, referred to as Dried Apple Peel Powder (DAPP), can improve joint health and improve the lives of people affected by arthritis.

Twelve individuals, ranging from 48 to 73 years old, were enrolled in the study, “Evaluation of reduced pain and increased range of motion (Joint Health).” Primary complaints of study participants included hand, knee, shoulder, feet, neck, ankle, lower back, finger, hip, and upper back joint pain. All reported suffering from mild-to-moderate joint pain for at least 6 months.

For the intervention, nine capsules of AppleBoost powder (DAPP) were consumed daily for 12 weeks. Subjects were monitored at baseline, and at 2, 4, 8, and 12 weeks. Monitoring included blood draws, assessment of perceived levels of pain, and range of motion (ROM) tests.

Results Exceed Expectations

AppleBoost powder provided significant benefits to the study participants. In particular, the research found:

1. The pain reduction benefits were significant.

2. The range of motion (ROM) improvements were significant.

What Can AppleBoost Do For You?

If AppleBoost can lower pain and improve range of motion in people with established pain and symptoms of arthritis already present, imagine what AppleBoost can do for you. As we all know, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you’re an athlete, an active person, or simply want to focus on keeping your joints healthy and happy as you age, AppleBoost may be just what you are looking for.

The power, and the protection, are in the peel.

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