Spring Training

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Sometimes, you just don’t wanna be at the gym.  Not because you don’t feel up to a good session, or because you’re tired—but simply because there someplace you’d rather be.  This Saturday, I had that feeling times ten.

Leaning against the windowsill, I looked out at the cloudless sky and sighed with more drama than was probably necessary.

“Too fine a day to be inside,” I said to no one in particular.  Cocking my head back, I cast a sideward glance at the pull-up rack.  Another dramatic sigh.  Trapped inside for a workout, and on the bloody Vernal Equinox of all days.

A pull-up bar next to a window on a sunny day does not make for a great workout

“Too fine a day to be inside.”  Which is not what I should have been thinking of between sets of pull-ups.  I should have, of course, been thinking of my next set of pull-ups.  But I wasn’t’.

I was thinking of the sun at my back the wind in my hair, the smell of spring and the sheer pleasure I take in seeing things grow.

Another set of pull-ups (half-hearted at best). Another big sigh.

Three minutes later my resolve crumbles, my spirit drops.  No point staying, I’m not accomplishing anything.  I gather my things and prepare to leave.

The cute girl at the front desk (I only hire cute girls, obviously) asks why I’m leaving so soon.  Simply, I say, “too fine a day to be inside!” and wave cheerfully as I exit the gym.

“After all,” I reasoned, “just because I can’t focus one type of training doesn’t mean I can’t do another.  Perhaps I’ll go for a run. “

I hopped in my car, fully intended to drop it off at home and try to spend the day outside, and Fortune smiled broadly on me—my phone rang.  It was my buddy Eric inviting me to go lift some heavy shit and push a sled around—outdoors.


So I rerouted my nav to the coordinates for the Secret Training Location, and upon arriving decided to document a bit on video.


We started with prowler pushes—4 rounds of pushing the Prowler  (loaded with 200 pounds) about 30 yards.  Here’s a snippet of that.

After that, we moved to a smaller sled and rigged up some drag handles to it.  Here I am doing a set explosive pulls (and giving some lip).  Notice awesome air-humping ability.  About 5 rounds of 10 pulls.

Finally, we did some rope rowing.  Fun, but murder on the hands.  Please ignore Eric mocking me in the background.  This sled is weighted with about 235 pounds.   Four total pulls, with the total distance being about 50 feet.

All told it was a glorious day—I got to hang out in the sun with some friends, push and pull some heavy stuff, and overall have fun.

Then I vommed.

Sometimes you just gotta blow off the gym so you can go outside and play.

Too fine a day to be inside.

What’s your outdoor training like?

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