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Muscle Building Video – Core Strength / Leg Strength


Muscle Building Video – Core Strength / Leg Strength

Core Training / Leg Training
Here are two videos from recent workouts. One shows a cool rotational core training exercise that no only improves rotational and decelerative core strength but it also incorporates the upper body.

The next video shows front squats, a staple in all good strength training programs (as long as there are no existing shoulder / wrist issues). Don’t forget if there are issues with the conventional front squat racked position you could; use a different bar, use a cross armed / bodybuilding rack or even use lifting straps tied around the barbell.

The thing you have to remember is that when you choose the right exercises in your program and you do them consistently, you get results fast. Real fast.

Exercises like:

Front Squats

Benefits of Front Squats

Rotational Halos

Benefits of Rotational Halos

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