Cool Dip / L-sit Workout Finisher

During our last workout, Brad and I were running out of time so we decided to throw some exercise finishers at the end.

We combined a conventional dip with an l-sit.  It was awesome.

It really jacked up the intensity.  I think we hit it for 10 / 10.  Alternating dips and l-sits until we had hit 10 reps of each.

I definitely want you to try it out!

Dip / L-sit Combo


After Brad went, I want to try a twist on the combo.  I turned the dip into a dip press which means I basically went more into a push-up position.  I REALLY LIKED IT.  This is a great alternative and really killed my chest and triceps.

Dip Press / L-sit Combo


Other Great Finisher Combo Movements:

    • DB Bent Over Rows / DB Posterior Flyes
    • Push-ups / Mountain Climbers
    • RDLs / Shrugs
    • Burpee / Pull-up
    • Kettlebell Swings / Push-ups on Kettlebells
  • DB Curl / DB Press

Check out the Video!

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