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Questions on Health and Fitness Vol.1

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I often get questions on the topic of health and fitness. Coming from friends family and of course the comments and e-mails I receive through this blog. Here are some of the most common ones I have heard. So hopefully you will enjoy the post.

What is the best way to do cardio in the gym?

Sometimes it is cold, miserable and or wet outside and we need to get to the gym for a workout. My preference for cardio in the gym is to mix it all up. Keep the intensity flowing and jump from machine to machine every 5 minutes. Not only does this benefit your body by working it in various different ways but it makes the time pass much quicker.

Some of the best cardiovascular machines in the gym are:

Stay away from the treadmill for anything more than a short run, as it overemphasizes the quads work and neglects the hamstrings making it potentially problematic. Try the 4 above machines for 5 minutes each throwing in a few sprint intervals on each. It works for a great cardiovascular workout that will improve well being.

Lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a tricky one and I suggest going to see someone who specializes in the area especially if the pain is serious. Saying this many people seem to have a slight nagging lower back pain with nothing profoundly wrong, this can be solved pretty easily by strengthening the core.

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