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I know some people are going to look at these exercises and try to do them even though they can’t hold a good plank for 30 seconds, mistake! It does say advanced so if you do a 100 crunches a day you definitely don’t fall into the advanced category.

Some of the exercises are specificand I will use them with different athletes (ex. rope chin up position leg raises will be used with some MMA fighters, as will the KB rotations). The Turkish Get Up can be used by most people even though I would choose to load it differently depending on the level of the athlete. We will start with just the bodyweight movement and then go change it up with KB’s, sandbags, barbells, DB’s.

Watch out for the splinters in the rope! Nylon works better believe me… 

Sandbag Turkish Get Up


This will also give you tough forearms from the beating! 

KB helicopters

The last one is really me trying some things out that I had learned from Steve Cotter and it really is one of the toughest resisting rotation exercises you can do for the trunk. Definitely wouldn’t use it with the majority of people but would modify it and stay stationary and do it with a tornado medicine ball.

Sometimes I will experiment a little on my recovery days…….or maybe its just because its late night and I’m going nuts!

Do you think you have a strong trunk?

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About Luka Hocevar 4 Articles

Luka Hocevar is the president of Hocevar Performance and the performance director of Elite Athletics LLC, as well as Owner of Hocevar Performance Gym in Renton, WA and co-owner of the Kettlebells Center Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Luka has made a name for himself as one of the premier trainers in Washington state as well as one of the up and coming strength coaches in the country, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their personal physique and performance goals.

Luka has spent his whole life in the training and sports industry. He is a former professional basketball player that played years in the European leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. During his career Luka started his training career by openening a kettlebell training center in his hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia, which has now grown to be one of the premier kettlebell gyms in Eastern Europe.

Luka Hocevar

Luka’s journey continued to the U.S. to take his knowledge of training to the next level, studying everything he can get his hands on, as well as learning under some of the world’s top strength coaches while applying it with hundreds of clients in the real world. Over a decade of knowledge and training, as well as a lifetime of experience has come together as Hocevar Perfomance.

Luka’s training methods include a mixture of powerliting, Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebell training as well as many other methods to produce significant strength & performance gains. His specialty is his versatility to provide the highest quality training for every ability level from the young athlete, fitness enthusiasts to elite/professional athletes.

Luka has trained national and world champions, Euroleague basketball players, NBA, MLB players, UFC and other mixed martial arts fighters, as well as players from multiple other sports. He commits the same passion to all of his clients that are committed to reaching their goals regardless of what they are striving to achieve.

Luka has written a number of articles for international magazines and newspapers as well as being featured in the local newspapers and mentioned in the local KOMO 5 News. Luka’s gym in Slovenia has been featured in the international Men’s Health as well as being one of the hosts of the Men’s Health challenge 2009.

Luka is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS – FZS) and a certified fitness trainer (ISSA – CFT). He is also a Russian kettlebell instructor (RKC) with close to a decade of experience with kettlebell training.

Luka’s passion of training the youth has also led him to become a youth fitness specialist through the gold standard for youth fitness certifications – the IYCA.

Albert Park

Albert has been working and training at Hocevar Performance as a true apprentice to the Strength and Conditioning field since January 2009. His background in athletics and martial arts has allowed him to quickly gain knowledge and insight into the industry. He has helped numerous individuals reach diverse goals including Sports performance, Combat performance, fat loss, and overall health/fitness.

In college, Albert was a division II athlete competing in track and field at Western Washington University. While in school his passion for fitness and athletic performance was expressed as he became a Trainer and Group fitness instructor. A lot of his unique training styles come from the last 6 years of training in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

From continuous studying, being mentored by Luka Hocevar, and drawing upon his experiences, Albert incorporates the most effective and latest strength and conditioning techniques into his training. His training methods are a fusion of strong-man movements, Olympic lifts, Mixed Martial Arts conditioning, bodyweight training and Kettlebell work. This variety of training methods allows him to effectively train different and diverse individuals from the weekend warrior to the athlete desiring to take it to the next level.

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