About Michael Hartman

Dr. Michael Hartman is a Sport Scientist, and recognized expert in training for Strength-Power and Performance. He earned his Doctorate in Muscle Physiology and has previously worked as a Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist at the US Olympic Training Center where he was a member of the inaugural USA Weightlifting Performance Enhancement Team.

As a Professor, Dr. Hartman is responsible for the education and training of hundreds of future fitness professionals and coaches.   To date, Dr. Hartman has taught nearly 500 individuals the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of strength training and conditioning at the college-level.  Other areas of teaching emphasis include neuromuscular physiology and coaching education.

Dr. Hartman has an extensive history of publication in scientific journals, with nearly 20 articles and 50 abstracts to his credit, in the area of neuromuscular adaptations associated with strength training and conditioning; including athletic performance enhancement, acute adaptations associated with strength-power training, overtraining syndrome, and changes in neuromuscular performance through nutritional intervention.  He is currently working to bring his knowledge and experience to a wider audience by maintaining the Doctor Hartman blog, where he publishes new information related to training for Strength-Power-Performance, Sport Science, and general Strength & Conditioning. It is his goal to provide readers with the resources necessary to make informed decisions and maybe shed some light on new topics as they appear in the media.

Dr. Hartman is available for training and sport science consultations through his blog, or via email at doctorhartman (at) hotmail dot com. Connect with Doctor Hartman on Facebook or Twitter.