About Craig Weller

Craig spent six years as a member of a Naval Special Operations Force known as SWCC, the Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen.

The lifestyle of Special Operations and the unconventional “Accomplish the Mission By Any Means Necessary” mentality led Craig to develop his unique philosophy of physical training, which, as an instructor, he used to train other Spec Ops Forces on three different continents in highly austere conditions.

The methods which result from this training philosophy are designed to deliver maximal results with improvised or non-existent equipment in as little time as possible for men whose lives depend on their physical abilities.

This passion for showing others the path to a stronger, healthier body stayed with Craig and led to the founding of Barefoot Fitness.

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Barefoot Fitness is on the cutting edge of fitness methodologies and principles. Barefoot does not necessarily mean we work out without shoes but refers to the stripped down, bare essentials of what is necessary to be fit. Often, development is not a process of accumulating ornamental accessories and methods, but of sifting through the unnecessary to find what really matters. We believe that soccer stars to soccer moms should have access to efficient means of achieving their health and fitness goals.

Want to know what it’s all about? There’s only one way to really understand the workouts, and that’s to experience them. That’s why we offer a full week of training for free, with no obligations.

All it takes to change your body – and your life – is to walk through our doors three days a week. Email, call or just drop in to get started.

Denver – Contact Craig at Craig@BarefootFts.com

South Dakota – Contact Marshall at Marshall@BarefootFts.com

San Diego – Contact Albert at AlbertLi@BarefootFts.com

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