About Alan Aragon

Alan Aragon has over 15 years of success in the fitness field. He earned his Bachelor and Master of Science in Nutrition with top honors. Alan is a continuing education provider for the Commission on Dietetic Registration, National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, and National Strength & Conditioning Association. Alan recently lectured to clinicians at the FDA and the annual conference of the Los Angeles Dietetic Association. He maintains a private practice designing programs for recreational, Olympic, and professional athletes, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings, and Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Here is a snippet of Alan’s clientele. Alan is a contributing editor and resident Weight Loss Coach of Men’s Health magazine. His book Girth Control is considered to be one of the most in-depth manuals for improving the body and understanding nutrition for fitness & sports. Last but not least, Alan writes a monthly research review providing critical analysis and practical application of the latest science on nutrition, training, and supplementation.

Welcome to the portal! Fitness information is available everywhere in the public domain, but sifting out the good stuff from the junk can be an expensive waste of time. This is especially true with the internet, which is absolutely saturated with pseudoscience and obnoxious marketing. On the other hand, there’s the legitimate information in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The problem is, science can only work on bits and pieces at a time, and the big picture gets lost among the details. Real-world applications of the findings are often missing from the studies. Not to mention, the way they’re written works better than sleep narcotics. As a solution, I’ve developed an educational resource to make learning an engaging and practical experience, without diluting or oversimplifying the data.
Content Overview: Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR) is an unbiased monthly critical analysis and application of the latest research pertaining to nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. This journal is designed to help the reader develop a solid understanding of important topics in fitness that are widely misunderstood. Overall, the goal is to provide a unique science & practice-based, multi-topic, bias-free, commercial-free, in-depth, ongoing resource of information.  Click Here To Learn More

Also, I’m currently available for online nutritional programming/counseling. Go here to see what some of my clients have to say. My approach to programming is dependent on the individual, and I have no pre-made cookie-cutter plans; every element is customized from the ground up. I am obsessed with helping people get the skills of reaching and maintaining their goals. You can reach me at alanaragon.com[at]gmail.com, and I’ll gladly answer any question you have regarding my services. Please entitle your email “nutrition” so I don’t delete it as spam.
Client testimonial:

I’ve gone to war with a handful of trainers and nutritional counselors against the fat, and the results, to say it in a nice way, have been all over the place. The fruits of my work were never as entirely pleasing as expected, and so time and time again, I would be frustrated with demoralizingly mediocre results.
At times, I would be able to sustain performance in the weight room while hating what I’d see in the mirror. Other times, I would be quite happy with how things were turning out in the mirror, but my performance would suffer. Sure, results can be achieved, but at what cost? Does something else always have to give?
These days, things have, to say the least, been a “little” different.
To go every day shoving down food you’d never imagine you could eat while you were dieting (after all, “delectable” and “diet” don’t go well together, right?), to look forward to eating your meals, to find yourself eager to step into the gym because you know you can put up more weight or reps (or both) despite eating less, and to hear your friends tell you that you appear more muscular when clearly your weight is down ten pounds on the scale… well, that’s exactly what a sensible diet that has “long-term success” written all over it should be like, and that’s exactly the diet Alan put me on. I think I’m going to try something that I haven’t done with any of my previous nutritionists: I think I’m going to work with Alan a little longer.
Without a second’s hesitation, I would commit anyone to Alan’s care for a straight shot to their goals, minus the misleading myriad of dietary blunders that ordinary nutritionists find themselves being held sway under. But Alan is far from the ordinary majority, and he is the first of his kind that I have seen to gracefully blend the research with the practice, which makes for one heck of a winning formula.”
– Martin Bernardino